Remote Neural Monitoring : The big fraud towards Digital Slavery

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Remote Neural Monitoring is a non-invasive Functional Neuroimaging technique allowing anyone’s brain to be turned into a camera and microphone device by decoding wirelessly acquired brain imaging data and extracting subvocalizations, visual and auditory perceptions using Artificial Intelligence.

The development of this technology can be traced back to 1924 with the invention of Electroencephalography by Hans Berger. During the the 30’s, Ferdinando Cazzamalli conducted experiments to highlight existence of electromagnetic radiation produced by brain electrical activity. During the 60’s, MKUltra's subproject 119 intended to allow recording and analysis of brain activity using bioelectric sensors and manipulation of the human being through electromagnetic means.

The first demonstration of Brain Computer Interface in humans took place in 1964 when Grey Walter demonstrated use of non-invasively recorded encephalogram (EEG) signals from a human subject to control a slide projector. In 1971 the term brain-computer interface (BCI) was coined by Jacques J. Vidal, who laid out a comprehensive experimental research plan to interface the human brain with computers.

On February 9, 1972, the Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded a contract to the Stanford Research Institute (CSRI) to determine the feasibility of bio-cybernetic communication. The research concluded that the EEG reveals similar responses during silent reading to that during overt speech and that these responses may be classified correctly by a computer with a high degree of accuracy. This opened the gate for Mind Reading.

Many of the victims of MKULTRA had been unwitting subjects who had been lied to and coerced into unethical experimentation. Victims’ complaints had prompted congressional hearings and the unethical experimentation conducted by the CIA on unwitting subjects began to be exposed. The public was outraged at the abuse. The congress was dismayed. The CIA began looking for other ways to continue their mind control research with greater plausible deniability and less chance of getting caught. The era of Remote Neural Monitoring had begun.

The research that followed focused on remotely sensing the small electrical potentials generated by the brain electrical activity. Remotely detecting brain waves would negate the need for scalp electrodes and alleviate the requirement for informed consent on the subjects. One researcher, Robert G. Malech, researched remotely monitoring brain waves which culminated in the filing U.S. Patent number 3951134 in 1974.

Between the 70's and the 90's, the Stargate Project aimed at developing Remote Viewing. It was presented as an investigation of paranormal psychic phenomena but it was actually real. They never disclosed the truth about their success in seeing through anyone's eyes by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and terminated the project.

The technology continued to evolve and the intelligence community has now the ability to seamlessly perform Remote Functional Brain Imaging using Measurement and Signal Intelligence (MASINT) on a large scale and they are able to extract sensory perceptions using Artificial Intelligence. MASINT is about Remote Sensing. Passive remote sensing is like astronomy but looking toward the earth while active remote sensing is making use of Radars and Lidars to perform Hyperspectral Imaging.

There are at least 5 possible ways to detect brain electrical activity from a distance :

Using Artificial Intelligence, real time extraction of sensory perceptions from brain electrical activity allows to :

Electromagnetic Speech Transfer is another classified communication technology which allows delivering audible speech to a specific individual by the mean of electromagnetic waves without any type of receiver equipment. There are 2 common ways to achieve this. The first one is by leveraging the Microwave Auditory Effect : by beaming pulsed microwave to a person’s ear, a thermoelastic expansion of portions of the auditory apparatus occurs which leads to sound being heard. The second approach is by leveraging the photoacoustic effect : by sweeping a laser beam at the speed of sound at a wavelength absorbed by water, it is possible to transmit audible message to a specific a person.

Combining Remote Neural Monitoring for data acquisition (from human brain to computer) and Electromagnetic Speech Transfer for data transmission (from computer to human brain) allows for a wireless, seamless, irremovable Brain Computer Interface providing Synthetic Telepathy feature. This allows to :

This technology is currently being used by NATO intelligence agencies for different purposes :

Synthetic telepathy allows intelligence agencies to use a wide variety of Mind Control Techniques to data mine people’s brain and brainwash them. Using Electromagnetic Speech Transfer, it is possible to replace people’s inner voice and pipe in voice commands directly into the subconscious mind. Through synthetic telepathy interrogatories it is possible to trigger visual memory recalls that are being picked up and decoded via Remote Neural Monitoring and trick a targeted individual into remembering connected events thus widening the mind exploration.

It is important to keep in mind that in the same way that software vulnerabilities are being kept secret by cybercriminals that exploit them in the wild, the brain vulnerability to Electromagnetic Waves performing Functional Neuroimaging seamlessly is classified and all Scientific Research and publications on this topic are under control.

To pry into people’s mind using Remote Neural Monitoring is the worst violation of privacy ever committed. Ability to pipe in instructions into people’s subconscious minds and filling individuals mental space with brainwashing instructions using Electromagnetic Speech Transfer is a big threat to personal integrity.

Usage of these technologies is an outrageous human rights violation and here is a list of French laws being infringed :

Military technology classified or not is far ahead of virtually any such effort in the civilian field. That being said here is a list of scientific resources that can attest to the existence of these technologies :

Remote Functional Brain Imaging Techniques

Functional Microwave Spectroscopy :

Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy :

Magnetometry :

Infrared Thermography :

Sensory Perceptions Reconstitution from Brain Imaging Data

Decoding of visual imagery (Deep image reconstruction) :

Decoding of internal speech :

Electromagnetic Speech Transfer Technologies

Microwave Auditory Effect :

Photoacoustic Effect :

Synthetic Telepathy :

Target Detection and Tracking

Biometrics :

Remote detection of biosignals :


General Reading :

Websites of interest :

TV News :

Youtube Channels :

Neurotechnology Companies :

Human kind is now heading toward a forced conversion to Transhumanism by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neurostimulation (through Radiogenetics or Neuralnanorobotics) which will enforce a human brain bidirectional connection with the cloud.

There are 4 ways to achieve Neurostimulation :

Remote Neurostimulation will allow a wide range of applications including :

Current Research Projects (focused on Neurostimulation)

DARPA Projects :

Ultrasonic Neuromodulation :

Gene therapy :

Magnetogenetics :

Radiogenetics :

Neural Nanorobotics :

Toward Real Telepathy Understanding :


Human kind is in jeopardy. Remote Neural Monitoring allows anyone’s sensory perceptions to be extracted remotely and without consent or permission. The human brain is leaking data. Its vulnerability to Remote Functional Brain Imaging being performed seamlessly can be considered as a data breach. Millions of people’s brain imaging data is being collected in realtime and allows intelligence agencies to see into anyone’s present and past. Human mind acquires knowledge by the mean of its 5 senses. Electromagnetic Speech Transfer allows taking control over the auditory perception of the human being and conducting brainwashing techniques which can lead to reconditioning the free will of any individual. We can consider that so far we are all potentially wearing a Brain Computer Interface without even knowing about it. This seamless BCI allows our 5 senses to be extracted and provides the ability to take over control of the auditory perception from a distance. In the future Remote Neurostimulation will allow taking over control of the 5 senses of the human being.