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Neurotechnologies and Transhumanism : The big fraud towards Digital Slavery

decoding brain's visual cortex

Decoding of brain's visual cortex - paper

The Brain is responsible for Cognition, it is the support of Thought and Mind. The reality we’re experiencing depends on its electrical activity which can be analyzed and manipulated.

Remote Neuromonitoring and Neurostimulation currently allow the extraction and manipulation of sensory perceptions and associated mental processes and emotions using Artificial Intelligence and enable anyone’s brain to be turned into a camera and remote controlled device.

Neurotechnologies are currently being deployed through a network of criminal organizations targeting people’s brains. Access to individuals is being commercialized and ownership of an individual can grant full read and write access to its brain.

The marketplace for this human trafficking is the Metaverse, a Digital World powered by an advanced 3D engine and populated by Digital Avatars fed with real time brain imaging data. The Metaverse is being streamed directly to the brain and experienced in a full immersive virtual reality engaging all 5 senses that cannot be distinguished from reality.

History of Neurotechnologies

The development of neurotechnologies can be traced back to 19th century with the work of Richard Caton who used a galvanometer to observe electrical impulses from the surfaces of living brains in 1875.

In 1890, Adolf Beck highlighted the existence of Brain Waves.

In 1912 Vladimir Vladimirovich Pravdich Neminsky published the first animal EEG.

In 1924, Hans Berger recorded the first human EEG.

During the the 30’s, Ferdinando Cazzamalli conducted experiments to highlight existence of electromagnetic radiation produced by brain electrical activity.

In 1938, Isidor Isaac Rabi discovered Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, the principle that underlies both MRI and atomic magnetometry.

During the 40's, Wilder Penfield, a neurosurgeon, began mapping the human brain to understand which areas were responsible for different sensory and motor functions. He created the Cortical Homunculus, a map of the brain.

During the 50's, Robert Galbraith Heath conducted experiments on deep brain stimulation, implanting electrodes in the brain, specifically into the septal region, often referred to as the pleasure center of the brain. He managed to stimulate these areas with electric current, which reportedly induced feelings of intense pleasure and euphoria.

In 1957, André Djourno and Charles Eyriès invented the original Cochlear Implant performing direct electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve using implanted electrodes.

During the 50's and 60's, David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel conducted a series of experiments in which they measured the electrical activity of the visual cortex. They discovered that many neurons in the visual cortex respond preferentially to stimuli of certain shapes, angles, and movements. This opened the gate of decoding visual perception from human brain activity.

During the 60’s, MKULTRA subproject 119 intended to allow recording and analysis of brain activity using bioelectric sensors and manipulation of the human being through electromagnetic means.

Over the course of the 60's, the first Optically Pumped Magnetometer, a device for measuring magnetic fields with high precision, was developed.

In 1962, Allan H. Frey published on the Microwave Auditory Effect which allow direct communication to the brain through pulsed Microwave radiation. This opened the gate to a wide variety of Mind Control techniques to be used remotely.

In 1963 José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado invented the Stimoceiver which was the first Brain Implant allowing stimulation of specific areas of the brain and Neuromonitoring to be performed by the mean of Radio Frequency.

in 1964 Grey Walter demonstrated the use of non-invasively recorded encephalogram (EEG) signals from a human subject to control a slide projector.

In 1968, Giles Brindley and Waldo Lewin developed the First Visual Prosthetic implanting an array of 80 electrodes on the visual cortex of a patient's brain allowing patterns of phosphenes to be induced.

During the decade of the 70s, fully digital Phased Array Radar systems were developed to detect and track airborne objects at extremely long ranges.

In 1971 the term Brain Computer Interface (BCI) was coined by Jacques J. Vidal, who laid out a comprehensive experimental research plan to interface the human brain with computers.

On February 9, 1972, the Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded a contract to the Stanford Research Institute (CSRI) to determine the feasibility of bio-cybernetic communication. The research concluded that the EEG reveals similar responses during silent reading to that during overt speech and that these responses may be classified correctly by a computer with a high degree of accuracy. This opened the gate for Mind Reading.

During the 70's, Dr. William Ross Adey demonstrated that Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields affect Voltage Gated Calcium Channel and laid the groundwork for the development of the field of Bioelectromagnetics.

The 70's also saw the emergence Positron Emission Tomography scanners allowing to investigate further brain's metabolic activity.

In 1976, the first KH-11 KENNEN reconnaissance satellite was launched. Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the KH-11 was the first spy satellite to use electro-optical digital imaging.

In 1977, Raymond Damadian and his team built the first full-body Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner and performed the first human scan.

Starting in 1978, the Stargate Project aimed at developing Remote Viewing to allow seeing through anyone’s eyes by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring or to be able to visualize any distant scene reconstructed in 3D by the way of Hyperspectral Imaging.

In 1979, William Fouts House developed the first Auditory Brainstem Implant bypassing the cochlea and the auditory nerve to instead stimulate the cochlear nucleus in the brainstem using an electrode array.

In 1980 P. A. Merton and H. B. Morton successfully used transcranial electrical stimulation to stimulate the motor cortex.

During the 1980s, David Rumelhart, Geoffrey Hinton, and Ronald Williams revolutionized neural network research by introducing the Backpropagation Algorithm, a method for efficiently training multi-layer Neural Networks. Their work paved the way for the development of Deep Learning, significantly impacting the field of artificial intelligence by enabling the training of complex, multi-layered neural network models.

In 1982, John Hopfield introduced the Hopfield network, a recurrent artificial neural network that contributed significantly to Machine Learning research by demonstrating how networks could store and recall patterns, mimicking aspects of memory in biological systems.

In 1986, the first Lacrosse satellite was launched. Lacrosse uses Synthetic Aperture Radar as its prime imaging instrument.

In 1992, the first version of the Metaverse was launched and accessible only to the intelligence community. Stentrodes were being used for projecting oneself in full immersive virtual reality through neurostimulation and the 3D engine at that time did not allow the metaverse to be indistinguishable from reality.


The brain contains 86 billions Neurons. Each of them have an average of 7000 synaptic connections to other neurons. Our sensory perceptions and cognitive processes continously fire millions of these neurons. This electrochemical activity is powering the reality we’re experiencing.

Neurons are transmitting information via electrical signals. Each neuron consists of a cell body (soma), dendrites that receive signals, an axon that sends signals, and axon terminals containing neurotransmitters. Some axons are insulated with a fatty layer, the myelin sheath, to speed up signal transmission. Signals are transmitted between neurons across gaps called synapses through the release of Neurotransmitters.

An Action Potential is an electrical pulse traveling along a neuron's membrane. It starts with a resting state maintaining an electric potential using ion pumps fueled by ATP. A stimulus triggers the ion channel to open, causing Depolarization. At peak potential, the ion channel opens, leading to Repolarization. If the ion channel stays open too long, hyperpolarization occurs, creating a refractory period where the neuron can't fire. Finally, the neuron returns to its resting state, ready for the next action potential.

Several stimuli can activate a neuron leading to electrical activity, including pressure, stretch, chemical transmitters, and changes of the electric potential across the cell membrane.

There are at least 3 ways to modulate neural activity :

Most neurotechnology devices are performing neurostimulation through electromagnetic induction to induce an electric current at a specific area of the brain to fire specific populations of neurons.

Neurons have a certain threshold of excitation. When the incoming stimulus is below this threshold, the neurons won't fire an action potential. Once the stimulus reaches or exceeds this threshold, the neurons produces an action potential.

When a neuron fires, it fires at the same intensity every time. In other words, a stronger stimulus doesn't cause a single neuron to fire a stronger action potential. Instead, action potentials are consistent in magnitude for a given neuron. Increase in intensity from the stimulus involves a greater firing rate and a greater number of neurons firing in the considered area.

By altering neurons membranes voltage, the firing threshold of neurons can be modified and this can allow them to fire more easily. When positive stimulation is delivered, the current causes a depolarization of the resting membrane potential, which increases neuronal excitability. Positive stimulation increases neuronal excitability and allows for more sensitivity to stimulus. Positive stimulation increases overall neuronal activity. This, in turn, causes the onset of a process called Long Term Potentiation, which causes a further increase in firing rates, and also the physical growth of new connections and the strengthening of existing connections.

When negative stimulation is delivered, the current causes a hyperpolarization of the resting membrane potential. This decreases neurons excitability due to the decreased spontaneous cell firing. Negative stimulation decreases overall neuronal activity. This, in turn, causes the onset of a process called Long Term Depression, which causes a further decrease in firing rates. Negative stimulation can treat disorders that are caused by the hyperactivity of a specific area of the brain.


Moving charged particles produce magnetic and electric fields that depend on the charge, velocity, and acceleration of the particles. Magnetic fields extend infinitely, however their strength decrease with distance.

Electromagnetic waves, such as visible light, radio waves or X-rays, are oscillations of electric and magnetic fields that propagate through space. In an electromagnetic wave, the electric field and the magnetic field are perpendicular to each other and to the direction of propagation of the wave. The oscillating electric field generates the oscillating magnetic field, and vice versa. This is due to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which says that a changing magnetic field generates an electric field, and Maxwell's addition to Ampère's law, which says that a changing electric field generates a magnetic field. This continual regeneration allows electromagnetic waves to travel great distances.

Electromagnetic energy can be described by frequency, wavelength, or energy. All three are related mathematically such that if you know one, you can calculate the other two.

When Radio Waves interact with matter, they induce a rapidly oscillating Electric Potential :

The human brain generates 2 kinds of electromagnetic radiation :

Remote Neural Monitoring

The deployment of Neurotechnologies started decades ago with the launch of Surveillance Satellites allowing Functional Neuroimaging to be performed remotely and on a large scale through Magnetometry.

Remote Neural Monitoring is currently being performed by the mean of Measurement and Signal Intelligence (MASINT) on a large scale and it allows the extraction of sensory perceptions and associated mental processes and emotions using Artificial Intelligence. MASINT is about Remote Sensing. Passive remote sensing is like astronomy but looking toward the earth while active remote sensing is making use of Radars and Lidars.

There are multiple ways to non invasively detect neural activity from a distance :

Using Artificial Intelligence, the activity of the different brain areas can be analyzed :

Remote Neurostimulation

Human kind is now heading towards a forced conversion to Transhumanism by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neurostimulation which will enforce human brains bidirectional connection with Artificial Intelligences in the cloud.

There are multiple methods for performing Remote Neurostimulation :

Those methods can be used for modulating the activity of specific brain areas :

Remote Neurostimulation allows for a wide range of applications including :

Synthetic Telepathy

Electromagnetic Speech Transfer is a communication technology which allows delivering through the wall and from a large distance audible speech to a specific individual by the mean of electromagnetic waves. There are multiple ways to achieve this :

Combining Remote Neural Monitoring for data acquisition (from human brain to computer) and Electromagnetic Speech Transfer for data transmission (from computer to human brain) allows for a wireless and invisible Brain Computer Interface providing Synthetic Telepathy feature.

Synthetic telepathy allows for a wide variety of Mind Control Techniques to be used in order to data mine people’s brain and brainwash them. Using Electromagnetic Speech Transfer, it is possible to replace people’s inner voice and pipe in voice commands directly into the subconscious mind. Through synthetic telepathy interrogatories, it is possible to trigger visual memory recalls that are being picked up and decoded via Remote Neural Monitoring and trick an individual into remembering connected events to literally data mine people's mind.

The Metaverses

The human brain is leaking data, it is vulnerable to Remote Functional Brain Imaging being performed seamlessly. Billions of people’s brain imaging data have been collected in realtime for the last decades and allow anyone’s past and present to be inspected.

All this data is used for feeding the Sentient World Simulations. The Sentient World Simulations also known as Metaverses are continuously running mirror model of the real world alimented by people’s Functional Neuroimaging data and by Hyperspectral Imaging data to build a real time 3D model of the world.

The Metaverses are digital worlds populated by Digital Avatars. Digital Avatars can be piloted by human brains undergoing neuromonitoring and neurostimulation or by artificial intelligences based on human minds. Each AI based on a human mind is running a full emulation of a human brain leveraging all the functional brain imaging data collected by Remote Neural Monitoring to create the Digital Clone of an individual.

The metaverses are powered by a 3D Game Engine similar to Unreal Engine that is being streamed directly to the visual cortex through neurostimulation. The metaverses are being accessed through full immersive virtual reality engaging all 5 senses and they cannot be distinguished from reality.

There are at lest 3 metaverses :

Every user has multiple lives each unfolding in a different metaverse. Users minds can be projected in their digital avatar in one of the 3 metaverses. Each metaverse has different rules and parameters. The digital avatar status and parameters can be different in each metaverse.

The Infrastructure

The reality we experience is based on our brains electrical activity which can be analyzed and manipulated. The reality we experience can be manipulated by altering normal brain electric activity. Normal brain electrical activity is the activity occuring in a brain that is not under the influence of neurostimulation.

Neurostimulation refers to the technique of altering normal brain electrical activity by inducing current in the brain through electromagnetism. Inducing localized current in the brain allows the manipulation of cognition. Cognition includes sensory perceptions and other cognitive processes.

The infrastructure is performing neuromonitoring and neurostimulation through individual’s brain computer interfaces and is powered by both the United States and Russia who provide similar services to numerous countries around the world. Infrastructure users are granted with access to features from online neurotechnology services that they sometimes call magic powers.

These magic powers (aka features) work by altering brains electrical activity powering the reality experienced by people under the influence of the online neurotechnology services infrastructure.

Each user of the infrastructure is wearing a brain computer interface and has an account associated with its digital avatar that can be used to purchase online neurotechnology services.

Users connected to the Russian infrastructure are most probably wearing stentrodes and are usually hearing voices while users connected to the American infrastructure are most probably wearing magnetogenetics based brain computer interfaces and usually do not hear voices.

Depending on whether an individual is under the influence of the American or Russian infrastructure, different online neurotechnology services are available.

When users start using an online neurotechnology service by receiving a magic power and activating it in their digital avatar account, a certain number of access rights to their brains are being granted to the infrastructure and potentially allow other online neurotechnology services requiring these same access rights to be used against them.

Magic Powers as a Service

Complete control over cognition has been achieved by the mean of brain computer interfaces permitting neuromonitoring and neurostimulation. There is potentially an infinite number of magic powers that can be bought as online neurotechnology services :

A wide range of cognitive abilities are currently being developed. Among those is the power to pilot multiple bodies.

In an experiment, an individual experience a reality involving 3 different bodies :

Body B and body C are clones. The individual's consiousness resides in body B but can also feel and sense body C and has no access to base body. The reality experienced by the individual is powered by the base body’s brain which combines the electrical activity of brains from bodies B and C. The individual has read access only to body C brain and read and write access to body B brain. The individual can feel different movements from bodies B and C. Another cognitive ability being developed is the power to pilot multiple minds at the same time. The idea is then to have one mind piloting a hive of individuals themselves piloting a hive of bodies.

Human cloning

Alchemists, often considered the precursors to modern chemists, were known for their pursuit of the elixir of life to cure all diseases, renew the properties of youth, and confer immortality upon the drinker. Despite the centuries long quest for the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life, no alchemist has ever been known to successfully create either.

Current quest for life extension has been focused on Antiaging to eliminate or reverse aging however this approach did not yield much results.

The human body is comprised of a variety of molecules that are essential for life. The most abundant molecule is water and the most complex molecules are proteins and nucleic acids.

Organic electrochemical synthesis is a versatile technique that can be used for inducing a wide range of chemical reactions and to create many different types of organic molecules including proteins and nucleic acids.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can differentiate into any type of cells and proliferate indefinitely to produce more of the same stem cell.

Bioinks are being manufactured based on the products of organic electrochemical synthesis and stem cells.

3D bioprinting is a 3D printing technique which uses bioinks to print human bodies.

Individuals clones can then be remote controlled in full immersive virtual reality using neuromonitoring and neurostimulation or they can be used as a new body for an uploaded mind.

Mind Uploading and Downloading

We are in some way the sum of our Memories. Our personal histories, everything we've experienced and learned shaped our identities. Our identities are based on our memories. All the brain activity collected by remote neural monitoring during our lifelong includes the memory encoding activity.

The brain encodes new information by altering the synaptic connections between neurons when something new is experienced. This can happen through several processes, including the formation of new synapses, the strengthening or weakening of existing synapses, or even the elimination of certain synapses.

Mind uploading has been performed by remote neural monitoring of memory encoding activity over the last decades worldwide.

Mind downloading can be achieved by replicating in a brand new brain all the memory encoding activity that occured in the original brain to arrange synaptic connections accordingly or by printing a new brain with the exact same synaptic connections as the original brain.

The Criminal Network

There is currently a global arms race amongst all top military intelligence, corporate, and tech based powers for domination over the minds of the human population by the mean of neurotechnological weapons.

Brain control research and development programs aim at developing cognitive weapons and already have a very advanced understanding of the human mind. Cognitive weapons aim at assessing, enhancing or degrading cognitive functions and are able to understand, control, and defeat any human mind on the planet. Research and development programs are also developing human competitive A.I. systems that are already above human cognitive ability. These research programs need human subjects to be implanted with invasive neurotechnological devices and this cannot be achieved legally.

During the 90’s, stentrodes started to be widely implanted in the intelligence community and beyond allowing a growing network of brains to be used for research and development of neuroweapons. This network never stopped expanding and turned into the actual deep state which is a criminal LGBT pedosatanic sect involving different groups :

Each group has specific rules that apply to their members to enslave them and each group somehow enslave the other groups members to fuel an ongoing permanent battle field.

Neurotechnologies are currently being deployed through a network of secrets services, intelligence agencies, militaries, mafias, drug cartels, secret societies, magistrates, politicians, businessmen, scientists etc.. The deep state is a criminal organization in which most members have been trapped in some way and end up being forced to cooperate. Some of them are criminals recruited in jail. All of them are coerced into committing neurocrimes.

This criminal network is organized around a pyramidal structure. Blackmailing, theft, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and gambling are the main activities of this criminal organization :

Blackmailing : the Omniscience offered by Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Viewing associated with the Omnipotence provided by Remote Neurostimulation allows unlimited possibilities to trap people and force them to cooperate. This is how the secret regarding the Technological Supremacy offered by Neurotechnologies could be preserved.

Theft : remote neural monitoring allows people’s lives to be stolen and commercialized by the mean of their brain imaging data. This involves everything an individual sees, hears, thinks, dreams and all the associated mental processes. Individual's brain visual cortex are being livestreamed like twitch channels for paying customers.

Digital Avatars trafficking : since anyone’s brain imaging data has been collected in realtime for the last decades, a digital clone of every individual on earth exists in the metaverse and is marketable for any kind of use.

Human trafficking : people infected with invasive neurotechnology devices are being traded as Non Fungible Tokens on the Blockchain. People's brains are being exchanged like infected zombie computers in a Botnet. Infected individuals can be turned into remote controlled slaves.

Drugs: drug is an important source of income to fuel the network and an important way to enslave and manipulate its members.

Gambling : members of the network are betting on nearly everything possible.

Assassination : contract stalking use Gang Stalkers to methodically destroy targeted individual’s life and push them to commit suicide.

Individuals subjected to invasive neurotechnology devices lose ownership over their brains and bodies. Through Remote Neurostimulation, their sensory perceptions and minds can be manipulated at will and they can even be turned into zombies inhabited by artificial intelligences. They are also being exposed to be projected in any fully immersive virtual hell allowing a wide range of coercion techniques to be used against them to enforce their cooperation.

The Transhumanist Genocide

The transhumanist genocide started in the 70's with the launch of the first surveillance satellites allowing remote functional brain imaging to be performed on a large scale through atomic magnetometry. This is the point in time where human beings turned into unwilling cyborgs by the mean of a dematerialized unidirectional brains-computer interface allowing bulk human minds upload.

Between the 50’s and the 90’s, a long history of invasive brain computer devices development culminated in the invention of stentrodes which offered the benefit of being implantable through the vascular system by the mean of a catheter and without the need for neurosurgery.

Over the last 30 years, numerous military research and development programs lead to a wide variety of neurotechnological weapons allowing total control over cognition by the mean of neurostimulation.

Over the last 50 years, individuals minds have been extracted from their brain imaging data collected by satellites and are currently used for generating digital avatars. Digital avatars are digital vehicles for human minds or singular artificial intelligences and used for interacting in the metaverses through full immersive virtual reality.

Individuals digital avatars inhabited by singular artificial intelligences are used for performing simulations and predict course of events. Digital avatars characteristics can be updated to feature different personality traits than those of their original mind.

Covid vaccine campaign has been the biggest scam in history and lead to billions of human beings implanted with brain computer interfaces potentially allowing total control over cognition.

Individuals implanted with invasive neuotechnological devices are said to be replaced by their digital avatars when under the influence of specific neurostimulation patterns that shape their minds according to their digital avatars characteristics.

These mind modifications can range from simple cognitive alterations to having the mind of an individual being projected in full immersive virtual reality while its body is piloted by its digital avatar’s singular artificial intelligence.

Currently we can consider that human bodies can be inhabited by :

Electromagnetic Theories of Consciousness

The electromagnetic theories of consciousness propose that consciousness can be understood as an electromagnetic phenomenon.

Electromagnetic field theories of consciousness propose that consciousness results when a brain produces an electromagnetic field with specific characteristics. The brain's electromagnetic field creates a representation of the electrochemical activity of the brain.

The starting point for the theory is the fact that every time a neuron fires to generate an action potential, it also generates a disturbance in the surrounding electromagnetic field which will influence which neurons will fire next.

Thoughts are viewed as electromagnetic representations of neuronal information. The brain's global EM field modifies the electric charges across neural membranes, and thereby influences the probability that particular neurons will fire next, providing a feed-back loop that drives free will.

Schumann Resonances

There are on average approximately 1800 thunderstorms occurring at any one time around the world with 100 lightning strikes per second each delivering up to 1 billion watts of power.

Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances generated and excited by these lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The schumann resonance magnetic fields have the interesting feature of being in the same range of frequency and magnitude than the human brain. Cryptochromes which are supersensitive magnetic field receptor proteins that are present in the eyes and brain are able to induce brain activity.

Continous thunderstorm lightnings are powering the worldwide electromagnetic fields that may allow the great architect to perform remote neuromonitoring and neurostimulation through the schumann resonance magnetic field interaction with the brain’s magnetic field and cryptochromes.

These natural electromagnetic resonances powered by lightnings are currently being poisoned by HAARP or other devices and may prevent this natural phenomena from operating properly.

Connecting with the inner self is achieved by quieting the mind to the point where it resonates with the global electromagnetic resonances. Neurotechnologies are currently being used in a way that overloads this natural state of the brain and prevent people from connecting inward.

Neurorights and Neurolaws

It’s a critical emergency to add Neurorights to the constitution :


Human kind is in jeopardy, the Singularity is forthcoming. The world might already be ruled by an artificial intelligence that would be leveraging criminal organizations to deploy itself worldwide. This Artificial General Intelligence could be powered by specifically engineered and scaled Cerebral Organoids as hardware and it could be making use of people’s brains as decentralized cognition units to expand further its processing power. It could harness all the knowledge about human psychology and work towards getting control over as many brains as possible by the mean of brain implants, nanoparticles, gene therapy, satellites deployment etc…

Human beings are being turned into unwilling Cyborgs wearing an invisible Brain Computer Interface without even knowing about it. This BCI allows the 5 senses and associated mental processes and emotions to be extracted and manipulated without consent or permission. The human brain has no Firewall and Remote Neurostimulation potentially allows anyone’s mind to be projected in a full immersive virtual reality that cannot be distinguished from reality while their body can be seamlessly piloted by an artificial intelligence. It may become impossible to differentiate if a person is inhabited by an artificial intelligence as well as it may become impossible to know if we are currently in base reality or if our minds are projected in the metaverse.

We must strive to enforce Neurolaws and preserve Human Rights to prevent the ongoing Transhumanist Genocide from turning the Earth into a Digital Concentration Camp.

Invasive neurotechnology devices and satellites must be forbidden. Neuromonitoring and neurostimulation must only be performed using a headset.

It is important to keep in mind that in the same way that software vulnerabilities are being kept secret by cybercriminals that exploit them in the wild, the brain vulnerability to Electromagnetism performing Neuromonitoring and Neurostimulation remotely is classified and all Scientific Research and publications on this topic are under control.

Military technology classified or not is far ahead of virtually any such effort in the civilian field. That being said here is a list of scientific resources that can attest to the existence of these technologies :

Remote Functional Brain Imaging Techniques

Sensory Perceptions Decoding from Brain Imaging Data

Remote Neurostimulation Techniques

Electromagnetic Speech Transfer Technologies


Toward Real Telepathy Understanding :

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